Didot and Bodoni – The Contrasted Serifs

graphic of didot and bodoni fonts

This font belongs to a class of serifs known as didone or modern, and are distinguished for their highly variable stroke width, or contrast. Why they’re called modern, is beyond my understanding…but I guess the name stuck. Very similar to Didot is another font called Bodoni, developed by an Italian named Giambattista Bodoni in 1798.

What I love about these fonts is their elegance; you’ll often see them used for luxury items and environments. One easy example to imagine is “Giorgio Armani”. But because of their extreme contrast, they aren’t good for screen displays nor small print because it’ll be very hard to read and the serifs will disappear. Generally though, a font publisher may have a “display” version appropriate to your needs.

Another example of modern fonts is shown here using their thicker versions:

the words Apple Pie with the font Poster Bodoni

This is Poster Bodoni, which evokes a very different feeling: stylish, retro or 70s funky.


Have you seen these fonts used in particular atmospheres or applications you really liked? Please share!